Our Services

We offer and print a variety of designs. Some products we have done so far include, architectural models, medical PPE,  lithophane Photos and frames, flower vases, trophies, smartphone cases, prototype covers/casings for electronic product, etc. 

Architectural Modelling

We have 3D printed various modern architectural models for real estate developers and building projects.

Office Supplies

We help to brand your business by offering office supplies like printed corporate logos, company name plates etc. that will give your office a 3D look.

Prototypes & Enclosure

We have 3D printed various enclosures and project prototypes fitting any complex dimensions and details. We simply bring your idea to life.


Got any confusion on 3D printing? worry no more we are here to guide and direct you through the right path.

Print Designs

Sometimes you may not have a concrete design of your idea, and that’s okay. We have top designers who can offer consultations to give your idea a design.

3D Printing Training

Part of our goal is to facilitate and foster 3D printing in Nigeria. And so, we offer trainings to teach the art of 3D printing and the technology that lies behind it.

We 3D Print

Our Specialization

At 3D Place Abuja the main goal is to meet your needs, therefore if you come with your ideas, we ensure you leave with them in your hands – 3D printed.

Meticulous Planning​

We take your project ideas through thorough planning. Stage 1- Think
stage 2- Design
Stage 3- 3D print

Completion On Time​

Our goal is to provide the best 3d printing service in Nigeria while keeping to project deadlines. We guarantee you the best delivery time.

Perfect Execution​

Our project execution is top-notch. Our post- production services brings perfection

Affordable Prices​

We offer the best price you can find in the industry that wouldn't break your budget.

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We are eager to hear from you and answer any question you might have about 3D printing and our services. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you on your inquiry.