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We are part of the few helping to facilitate the rise of 3D printing in Nigeria3D printing technology has the utmost potential to shape the maker culture in the country and revolutionize the way we do and treat the art of design. 

Who we are

3D Place is a start-up created to bring 3D design and printing technology and service to Nigeria, starting in Abuja and aims to extend its reach to Africa and ultimately have a global presence.  We believe that in the 21st-century world, technology drives development and improves the lot of humanity. 

Our Vision

To serve as a catalyst for the expansion of 3D design and printing technology in Nigeria in particular and Africa, in general. 

Our Mission

At 3D Place, we believe in using technology to conquer some of the challenges facing mankind. 3D design and printing are relatively new especially in Africa hence our decision to venture into this area of technology. In doing this, we aim to assist dreamers to become creative makers by transforming their dreams into physical reality (tangible objects).

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